Dalcanton, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
200 The Las Campanas Distant Cluster Survey: First Results 416 Gonzales, A.; Zaritsky, D.; Dalcanton, J.; Nelson, A.
329 The Properties of Radio Selected Galaxies in HIPASS/HIJASS and SDSS 251 Garcia-Appadoo, D.; West, A.; Disney, M.; Dalcanton, J.; Kilborn, V.
395 Star-Formation History and ISM Feedback in Nearby Galaxies: A VLA Large Project 376 Ott, J.; Skillman, E.; Dalcanton, J.; Walter, F.; West, A.; Koribalski, B.
445 The Contribution of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars to the Infrared Luminosities of Galaxies 515 Melbourne, J.; Williams, B.; Dalcanton, J.; Girardi, L.; Marigo, P.