Deeg, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
134 Photometric Detection of Extrasolar Planets by the Transit-Method 216 Deeg, H.
134 Detectability of Jupiter-to-Brown-Dwarf-Mass Companions Around Small Eclipsing Binary Systems 224 Doyle, L. R.; Deeg, H.; Jenkins, J. M.; Schneider, J.; Ninkov, Z.; Stone, R.; Gotzger, H.; Friedman, B.; Blue, J. E.; Doyle, M. F.
219 EXPORT: Search for Transits in Open Clusters with the Jakobus Kapteyn and the Lick 1 m Telescopes (Contributed Talk) 566 Quirrenbach, A.; Cooke, J.; Mitchell, D.; Safizadeh, N.; Deeg, H.; Export
219 Detection Limits in Space-Based Transit Observations (Contributed Talk) 578 Deeg, H.; Favata, F.; The Eddington Science Team
219 EXPORT Observations of 1998 Microlensing Events 626 Tsapras, Y.; Street, R. A.; Horne, K.; Penny, A.; Clarke, F.; Deeg, H.; Garzón, F.; Kemp, S.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Oscoz Abad, A.; Madruga Sánchez, S.; Export
294 STARE Transit Detection Capabilities 371 Alonso, R.; Belmonte, J. A.; Deeg, H.
321 Simulations for the Permanent All Sky Survey (PASS) Experiment 111 Deeg, H.; Alonso, R.; Belmonte, J.A.; Alsubai, K.; Doyle, L.
366 The Potential of Photometric Searches for Transiting Planets 3 Pont, F.; Aigrain, S.; Bakos, G.; Brown, T.; Collier Cameron, A.; Deeg, H.; Erikson, A.; Guillot, T.; Horne, K.; Lecavalier, A.; Moutou, C.; Rauer, H.; Queloz, D.; Seager, S.
366 Expected Performance of the CoRoT Planet Search from Light Curve Beauty Contests 127 Moutou, C.; Aigrain, S.; Almenara, J.; Alonso, R.; Auvergne, M.; Barge, P.; Blouin, D.; Borde, P.; Cabrera, J.; Carone, L.; Cautain, R.; Deeg, H.; Erikson, A.; Fressin, F.; Guis, V.; Leger, A.; Guterman, P.; Irwin, M.; Kabath, P.; Lanza, A.; Maceroni, C.; Mazeh, T.; Ollivier, M.; Pont, F.; Paetzold, M.; Queloz, D.; Rauer, H.; Rouan, D.; Schneider, J.; Tamuz, O.; Voss, H.; Zucker, S.
430 Blue Dots Team Transits Working Group Review 45 Sozzetti, A.; Afonso, C.; Alonso, R.; Blank, D. L.; Catala, C.; Deeg, H.; Grenfell, J. L.; Hellier, C.; Latham, D. W.; Minniti, D.; Pont, F.; Rauer, H.