Del Moro, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
358 Photospheric Dynamic Model of Magnetic Reconnection 76 Berrilli, F.; Viticchie, B.; Del Moro, D.; Egidi A.
358 3D Reconstruction of Photospheric Velocity Fields Inside a Magnetic Network Cell 84 Del Moro, D.; Giordiano, S.; Berrilli, F.
437 Evolution of Small-scale Magnetic Features Streaming-out from a Pore 493 Criscuoli, S.; Del Moro, D.; Romano, P.; Berrilli, F.; Ermolli, I.: Giorgi, F.; Vitichhié, B.; Zuccarello, F.
437 IBIS 2D Spectropolarimetry: Analysis of G-band Bright Points 75 Viticchiè, B.; Del Moro, D.; Berrilli, F.; Rubio, L. B.; Tritschler, A.
437 MISMA Interpretation of Stokes V Asymmetries Measured by HINODE in Internetwork and Network Regions 127 Viticchiè, B.; Sánchez Almeida, J.; Del Moro, D.; Berrilli, F.
463 Spectro-polarimetric Observations of Moving Magnetic Features around a Pore 51 Zuccarello, F.; Berrilli, F.; Criscuoli, S.; Del Moro, D.; Ermolli, I.; Giannattasio, F.; Giorgi, F.; Romano, P.; Viticchiè, B.