Del Zanna, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
406 The ECHO Code for Classical and Relativistic MHD 217 Del Zanna, L.
459 The Expanding Box Model in ECHO: Application to the Parametric Decay of Alfvén Waves in the Fast Solar Wind 196 Del Zanna, L.; Landi, S.; Matteini, L.; Velli, M.
488 Solving the 3+1 GRMHD Equations in the eXtended Conformally Flat Condition: the XNS Code for Magnetized Neutron Stars 211 Bucciantini, N.; Pili, A. G.; Del Zanna, L.
488 High-order Schemes for Non-ideal 3+1 GRMHD: A Study of the Kinematic Dynamo Process in Accretion Tori 217 Del Zanna, L.; Bugli, M.; Bucciantini, N.