Demers, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
2 Blue Stars 51 Demers, S.; Wesemael, F.; Fontaine, G.; Lamontagne, R.; Irwin, M. J.
45 Recent Star Formation Between the Magellanic Clouds 380 Grondin, L.; Demers, S.
135 What is Happening to V725 Sagittarii? 171 Wehlau, A.; Atcheson, T.; Demers, S.
285 The Young Inter-Cloud Population (Invited) 401 Demers, S.
378 The Singular Contribution of AGB Stars to our Understanding of Galactic Dynamics 469 Demers, S.; Battinelli, P.
445 The Elusive AGB Population in Galaxies 479 Battinelli, P.; Demers, S.