Dempsey, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
512 CASDA: The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive 73 Chapman, J. M.; Dempsey, J.; Miller, D.; Heywood, I.; Pritchard, J.; Sangster, E.; Whiting, M.; Dart, M.
521 Expanding the Breadth of Use of the Montage Image Mosaic Engine 201 Berriman, G. B.; Good, J. C.; Bally, J.; Dempsey, J.; Lacy, M.; Nyland, K.
522 The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive 263 Huynh, M.; Dempsey, J.; Whiting, M. T.; Ophel, M.
527 Eight Years of the Parkes Pulsar Data Archive 259 Dempsey, J.; Hobbs, G.; Toomey, L.