Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
290 Molecular gas in nearby Early-Type Powerful Classical Radio Galaxies 525 Leon, S.; Lim, J.; Combes, F.; Dinh-v-Trung
290 Molecular Gas Reservoir in low-z Powerful Radio Galaxies 529 Lim, J.; Leon, S.; Combes, F.; Dinh-v-Trung
344 Poster: Imaging the Circumstellar Envelopes around Evolved Stars with the SMA 220 Hirano, N.; Muller, S.; Dinh-V-Trung
407 A Multiwavelength Study of a Young, Z-shaped, FR I Radio Galaxy NGC 3801 104 Hota, A.; Lim, J.; Ohyama, Y.; Saikia, D.J.; Dinh-V-Trung; Croston, J.H.