Dobbie, P.D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
348 Far-UV Spectroscopy of Hot White Dwarfs 206 Barstow, M.A.; Burleigh, M.R.; Dobbie, P.D.; Good, S.A.; Holberg, J.B.; Hubeny, I.
372 The Origins of the Ultramassive White Dwarf GD50 79 Dobbie, P.D.; Napiwotzki, R.; Lodieu, N.; Burleigh, M.R.; Barstow, M.A.; Jameson, R.F.
372 The Enigma of REJ0503−289 Revisited 243 Barstow, M.A.; Dobbie, P.D.; Forbes, A.E.; Boyce, D.D.
372 Follow-up Observations of SPY White Dwarf + M-Dwarf Binaries 471 Maxted, P.F.L.; Napiwotzki, R.; Marsh, T.R.; Burleigh, M.R.; Dobbie, P.D.; Hogan, E.; Nelemans, G.
372 The Nature of the Close Magnetic White Dwarf + Probable Brown Dwarf SDSS J121209.31+013627.7 477 Burleigh, M.R.; Marsh, T.R.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Goad, M.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Littlefair, S.P.; Wells, M.; Dobbie, P.D.; Farihi, J.; Bannister, N.P.; Casewell, S.L.; Hurkett, C.P.; Martindale, A.; Roche, P.; Lewis, F.
391 Post Iron Group Elements in DO Stars 235 Boyce, D.D.; Barstow, M.A.; Dobbie, P.D.; Aston, J.H.; Booles, B.C.; Preval, S.P.; Laird, R.J.M.; James, F.A.; Barstow, J.K.; Forbes, A.E.