Draper, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
295 HDX Data Model: FITS, NDF and XML Implementation 221 Giaretta, D.; Taylor, M.; Draper, P.; Gray, N.; McIlwrath, B.
295 Web Services and Their Use in Starlink Software 325 Taylor, M.; Platon, R.; Chipperfield, A.; Draper, P.; McIlwrath, B.; Giaretta, D.
314 Data Models in the VO: How Do They Make Code Better? 535 Gray, N.; Giaretta, D.L.; Berry, D.S.; Currie, M.J.; Draper, P.; Taylor, M.
314 Starlink Software 832 Giaretta, D.L.; Currie, M.J.; Rankin, S.; Draper, P.; Berry, D.S.; Gray, N.; Taylor, M.
434 Using the AST Library to Create and Use STC-S Region Descriptions 213 Berry, D.; Draper, P.
475 Starlink 2012: The Kapuahi Release 247 Berry, D.; Currie, M.; Jenness, T.; Draper, P.; Bell, G.; Tilanus, R.