Ebeling, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
51 First Optical Results on an X-Ray Selected Sample of ROSAT Clusters of Galaxies 361 Pierre, M.; Schuecker, P.; Böhringer, H.; Cruddace, R.; Ebeling, H.; Voges, W.; Collins, C.; MacGillivray, H.; Romer, A.
51 ACO Clusters of Galaxies in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey - A First Glimpse at ROSAT's Cluster X-Ray Luminosity Function 375 Ebeling, H.
88 Faint Extended X-Ray Sources: A New Large Area Survey 209 Jones, L. R.; Sharf, C. A.; Ebeling, H.; Perlman, E.; Malkan, M.; Wegner, G.
218 CIZA - The First Systematic X-Ray Search for Clusters of Galaxies Behind the Milky Way 79 Ebeling, H.; Mullis, C. R.; Tully, R. B.
232 The X-ray Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies to z = 0.9. 141 Jones, L. R.; Ebeling, H.; Scharf, C.; Perlman, E.; Horner, D.; Fairly, B.W.; Wegner, G.; Malkan, M.
268 Masses of High-Redshift Clusters via SZ Effect Observations 113 Grego, L.; Joy, M.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Laroque, S.; Nagai, D.; Dawson, K.; Ebeling, H.; Reese, E. D.; Holzapfel, W. L.
312 Results of X-ray and Optical Followup Observations of the Short/Hard GRB 020531 201 Butler, N.; Dullinghan, A.; Ricker, G.; Monnelly, G.; Vanderspek, R.; Ford, P.; Burles, S.; Hurley, K.; Lamb, D.; Fruchter, A.; Wainscott, R.; Ebeling, H.; Luppino, G.; Kawai, N.; Yoshida, A.
329 CIZA: X-ray Selected Galaxy Clusters as Tracers of Large-Scale Structure and Streaming Motions behind the Galactic Plane 83 Ebeling, H.; Kocevski, D.; Tully, R.B.; Mullis, C.R.
329 The Dipole Anisotropy of the First All-Sky X-ray Cluster Sample 89 Kocevski, D.D.; Ebeling, H.; Tully, R.B.; Mullis, C.R.
329 XMM-Newton Observations of CIZA J1324.7-5736 -- A Massive, Newly Discovered Galaxy Cluster in the Great Attractor Region 183 Mullis, C.R.; Ebeling, H.; Kocevski, D.D.; Tully, R.B.
379 Evolution of the X-ray Luminosity Function of MACS Clusters 312 Ma, C.-J.; Ebeling, H.
399 The Spatial Distribution of Post-Starburst Galaxies in the Massive Intermediate-Redshift Cluster MACSJ0717.5+3745 378 Ma, C.-J.; Ebeling, H.