Ellingsen, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
144 Simulated Space VLBI Experiment using the Tidbinbilla 11-m DSN Tracking Station and SURFSAT and Simulated Satellites 415 Wietfeldt, R.; Smith, J.; Border, J.; Altunin, V.; Ryne, M.; Lewis, C.; Benson, J.; Claussen, M.; Romney, J.; Springett, J.; Webber, J.; King, E.; Reynolds, J.; Wilson, W.; Jauncey, D.; Ferris, R.; Harbison, P.; Jenkins, B.; Costa, M.; Ellingsen, S.; Knight, C.
340 High Resolution Observations of 6.7-GHz Methanol Masers with the LBA 355 Dodson, R.; Ojha, R.; Ellingsen, S.
402 Annual Modulation of the Time Scales on the Southern Scintillator PMN J1326 − 5256 200 Cimò , G.; Bignall, H.; Senkbeil, C.; Ellingsen, S.; Lovell, J.; McCulloch, P.; Jauncey, D.
402 Probing Microarcsecond Structure in AGN using Continuous Flux Density Monitoring 217 Senkbeil, C.; Lovell, J.; Ellingsen, S.; Jauncey, D.; Cimò , G.