Eriksson, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
223 Images in Scattered Light of Two Carbon Stars (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/gonzalez) 1219 González Delgado, D.; Olofsson, H.; Schwarz, H.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.
288 A Grid of Model Atmospheres for Cool Stars 331 Gustafsson, B.; Edvardsson, B.; Eriksson, K.; Mizuno-Wiedner, M.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Plez, B.
378 Carbon Stars in the Bulge or Beyond It? 410 Wahlin, R.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Ryde, N.; Westerlund, B.; Lambert, D.L.
445 A Grid of MARCS Model Atmospheres for S Stars 71 Van Eck, S.; Neyskens, P.; Plez, B.; Jorissen, A.; Edvardsson, B.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Nordlund, Å.
445 Synthetic Colors for Dynamic C-Star Models 325 Eriksson, K.; Wachter, A.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.
445 Detached Shells of Dust and Gas around Carbon Stars 345 Maercker, M.; Olofsson, H.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Schöier, F. L.
448 Synthetic Spectra and Photometry of C-rich Hydrodynamical Model Atmospheres 969 Wachter, A.; Eriksson, K.; Aringer, B.; Höfner, S.; Nowotny, W.
497 Evolved Stars with Complex Atmospheres – the High Spectral Resolution, mid-IR View 67 Ryde, N.; Lambert, J.; Richter, M. J.; Josselin, E.; Harper, G. M.; Eriksson, K.; Boogert, A.; DeWitt, C.; Encrenaz, T.; Greathouse, T.; Jaffe, D.; Kulas, K.; McKelvey, M.; Najita, J.; Vacca, W.
497 A New Library of Synthetic Spectra and Photometry for Evolved C Stars 111 Eriksson, K.; Nowotny, W.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.
497 Winds of AGB Stars – The Role of Stellar Pulsation 127 Liljegren, S.; Höfner, S.; Eriksson, K.
497 Into the Modelling of RU Vir 137 Rau, G.; Hron, J.; Paladini, C.; Eriksson, K.; Aringer, B.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Mečina, M.
497 Exploring Mass-Loss in M-type AGB Stars 345 Bladh, S.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Eriksson, K.