Eyermann, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
431 Using IYA to Bring the Universe Down to Earth in the Metro DC Area 363 Krishnamurthi, A.; Lochner, J. C.; Conaty, C.; Eyermann, S.; Ferrell, T.; Gliba, G.; Griswold, B.; Masetti, M.; Mitchell, S.; Reddy, F.; Toth, T.; VanDoren, A.
473 Astro4Girls and Their Families: Sharing Science via Public Libraries 385 Sharma, M.; Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; Dussault, M.; Braswell, E.; Cominsky, L.; Apple, N.; Della, T.; Whiffen, P.; Harman, P.; Mitchell, S.; Eyermann, S.; Brandehoff, S.; Dominiak, J.
500 NASA's Coordinated Efforts to Enhance STEM Education: Bringing NASA Science into the Library 85 Meinke, B. K.; Thomas, C.; Eyermann, S.; Mitchell, S.; LaConte, K.; Hauck, K.
524 STEM Served Family-Style: Improving Attitudes and Achievement 89 Mitchell, S.; Eyermann, S.
524 A Stellar Approach: Choosing Stars Activities that Fit 253 Eyermann, S.; Mitchell, S.
533 Bringing the Universe Down to Earth for Fifteen Years 140 Eyermann, S.; Mitchell, S. E.