Kaiser, C. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
121 A Self-Similar Model for Extragalactic Jets and the FRI/FRII Divide 732 Kaiser, C. R.; Alexander, P.
261 Outbursts of classical symbiotics: Multi-wavelength observations of the 2000--2001 outburst of Z Andromedae 667 Sokoloski, J. L.; Kenyon, S. J.; Kong, A. K. H.; Charles, P. A.; Kaiser, C. R.; Seymour, N.; Espey, B. R.; Keyes, C. D.; McCandliss, S. R.; Filippenko, A. V.; Li, W.; Pooley, G. G.; Brocksopp, C.; Stone, R. P. S.
290 AGN as cosmic thermostats 515 Kaiser, C. R.; Br├╝ggen, M.; Binney, J. J.
427 Birth and Evolution of Radio Galaxies 337 Kapińska, A. D.; Uttley, P.; Kaiser, C. R.