Katsova, M. M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 The Data Base on the UV CET Type Flare Stars and Related Objects 411 Gershberg, R. E.; Terebizh, A. V.; Shakhovskaya, N. I.; Katsova, M. M.
64 What Does the IR-Excess Show for Late-Type Stars? 426 Katsova, M. M.; Tsikoudi, V.
64 Observational Tests to Distinguish Between the Electron and Proton Beams as Flaring Heating Agents 429 Katsova, M. M.; Livshits, M. A.
277 Cyclic Activity and Various Coronal Heating Mechanisms for Late-Type Stars 349 Katsova, M. M.; Livshits, M. A.
277 A Large Flare on EQ Peg Simultaneously Observed in the X-Ray and Optical Wavebands 515 Katsova, M. M.; Livshits, M. A.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.