Kauffmann, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
15 Interconnections between Voids and Other Problems Addressed by Using Available Southern Redshifts 149 Fairall, A. P.; Maurellis, A.; Jones, A.; Kauffmann, G.; Matravers, B.; Ellis, G. F. R.
146 The K-band Hubble diagram for the brightest cluster galaxies: a test for galaxy formation and evolution models 268 Aragon-Salamanca, A.; Kauffmann, C. M. B.; Kauffmann, G.
192 Probing Star Formation Timescales in Elliptical Galaxies 261 Thomas, D.; Kauffmann, G.
373 The Clustering of Narrow-line AGN in the Local Universe 537 Li, C.; Kauffmann, G.; Wang, L.; White, S.D.M.; Heckman, T.M.; Jing, Y.P.
379 Can We Find Early-Type Galaxies with a Bluer Core Today? 302 Gonzalez-Perez, V.; Castander, F.J.; Kauffmann, G.