Keenan, F. P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
45 Abundance Analyses of Hot Post-Agb Stars at High Galactic Latitude 146 Conlon, E. S.; McCausland, R. J. H.; Dufton, P. L.; Keenan, F. P.
45 Preliminary Results of Two Spectroscopic Surveys to Investigate Star Formation in the Galactic Halo 375 Little, E. S.; Conlon, J. E.; Dufton, P. L.; Keenan, F. P.; McCausland, R. J. H.; Holmgren, D.; Kilkenny, D.; Stobie, R. S.; Miller, L.
92 A Search for Star Formation around the Galactic Halo B-type Star PHL 346 196 Totten, E.; Wood, K. D.; Keenan, F. P.; Dufton, P. L.; Kilkenny, D.; Miller, L.; Hambly, N. C.; Gilmore, G.; Irwin, M. J.
109 Nonthermal velocities in the solar transition and coronal region observed with the high-resolution telescope and spectrograph 145 O'Shea, E.; Doyle, J. G.; Dere, K. P.; Keenan, F. P.
111 Fe XVII X-Ray Lines in Solar Coronal Plasmas 125 Greer, C. J.; Phillips, K. J. H.; Bhatia, A. K.; Keenan, F. P.
154 Proton-Impact Excitation Data of Relevance to the SOHO Mission 608 Foster-Woods, V. J.; Copeland, F.; Reid, R. H. G.; Keenan, F. P.
154 The Structural Variability of the Solar EUV Network 612 Gallagher, P. T.; Phillips, K. J. H.; Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Keenan, F. P.
204 Line Identifications and Intensitites for the Optical Spectrum of RR Telescopi between 3180 and 9455 Å 385 Crawford, F. L.; McKenna, F. C.; Keenan, F. P.; Aller, L. H.; Fiebelman, W. A.; Ryan, S. G.
204 Identification of the [Al II] Forbidden Line at 2661 Å in the Spectrum of RR Telescopii 387 Crawford, F. L.; Keenan, F. P.; Mathioudakis, M.; Aggarwal, K. M.; McKenna, F. C.; Feibelman, W. A.; Espey, B. R.
223 Opacity Effects in the Transition Region of Active Stars (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/williams) 889 Williams, D. R.; Mathioudakis, M.; McKenny, J.; Keenan, F. P.
247 Photoionized Plasma Calculations using Laboratory and Astrophysical Models 123 Phillips, M. E.; Keenan, F. P.; Rose, S. J.; Botha, G. J. J.; Foord, M. E.; Heeter, R. F.; Ferland, G. J.
294 SuperWASP: Wide Angle Search for Planets 405 Street, R. A.; Pollaco, D. L.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Keenan, F. P.; Horne, K.; Kane, S.; Collier Cameron, A.; Lister, T. A.; Haswell, C.; Norton, A. J.; Jones, B. W.; Skillen, I.; Hodgkin, S.; Wheatley, P.; West, R.; Brett, D.
303 New Results Concerning the Fe II Lines of RR Tel 136 Kotnik-Karuza, D.; Friedjung, M.; Exter, K.; Keenan, F. P.; Pollacco, D. L.
424 Aristarchos RISE2: A Wide-Field Fast Imager for Exoplanet Transit Timing 426 Boumis, P.; Pollacco, D.; Steele, I.; Meaburn, J.; Xilouris, E. M.; Katsiyannis, A. C.; Bode, M.; Bates, S. D.; Goudis, C. D.; Keenan, F. P.; Watson, C.
463 Vortices in the Solar Photosphere 107 Shelyag, S.; Fedun, V.; Erdélyi, R.; Keenan, F. P.; Mathioudakis, M.