Kenney, J. D. P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
59 Molecular Gas in the Centers of Barred and Starburst Galaxies 282 Kenney, J. D. P.
91 Star Formation Along the Bars of Virgo Cluster and Isolated Spiral Galaxies 105 Koopmann, R. A.; Kenney, J. D. P.
91 CO in NGC 4314: The Detection of Inflow Along the Bar 227 Benedict, C. F.; Smith, B. J.; Kenney, J. D. P.
91 CO Kinematics; Star Formation and Dynamical Evolution of the Lensed Starburst NGC 4102 230 Jogee, S.; Kenney, J. D. P.
240 Environmental Effects on Gas and Star Formation in Virgo Cluster Spiral and Peculiar Galaxies 577 Kenney, J. D. P.; Koopmann, R. A.
423 How Gas Stripping Transforms the Stellar Populations of Cluster Spiral Galaxies 97 Crowl, H. H.; Kenney, J. D. P.; Chung, A.; Blanton, M.; Van Gorkom, J. H.