Kim, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
313 Mass Loss at the Tip of the AGB 394 Willson, L.A.; Kim, A.
334 Exploring Uncharted Territory in Particle Physics Using Pulsating White Dwarfs: Prospects 489 Kim, A.; Winget, D.E.; Montgomery, M.H.; Sullivan, D.J.
352 Cosmological Implications of a Solid Upper Mass Limit Placed on DFSZ Axions Thanks to Pulsating White Dwarfs 253 Kim, A.; Montgomery, M.H.; Winget, D.E.
372 Mean ZZ Ceti Pulsation Period Gauges Stellar Temperature 587 Mukadam, A.S.; Montgomery, M.H.; Kim, A.; Winget, D.E.; Kepler, S.O.; Clemens, J.C.
393 Radioactive 30S Beam to Study X-Ray Bursts 219 Kahl, D.; Chen, A.A.; Chen, J.; Hayakawa, S.; Kim, A.; Kubono, S.; Michimasa, S.; Setoodehnia, K.; Wakabayashi, Y.; Yamaguchi, H.
469 Measuring the Evolutionary Rate of Cooling of ZZ Ceti 15 Mukadam, A. S.; Kim, A.; Montgomery, M. H.; Córsico, A. H.; Kepler, S. O.; Romero, A. D.; Winget, D. E.; Fraser, O.; Riecken, T. S.; Kronberg, M. E.; Hermes, J. J.; Winget, K. I.; Falcon, R. E.; Chandler, D. W.; Kuehne, J. W.; Sullivan, D. J.; Reaves, D.; von Hippel, T.; Mullally, F.; Shipman, H.; Thompson, S. E.; Silvestri, N. M.; Hynes, R. I.