Kolb, U.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
56 Population Synthesis for Population II Cataclysmic Variables 311 Stehle, R.; Kolb, U.; Ritter, H.
56 The Period Distribution of AM Herculis Stars 338 Kolb, U.; de Kool, M.
85 Cataclysmic Variable Evolution: The Role of the White Dwarf Magnetic Field 440 Kolb, U.
261 Braking and bouncing 180 Kolb, U.
261 A first look at cataclysmic variable stars from the 2dF QSO survey 200 Marsh, T. R.; Morales-Rueda, L.; Steeghs, D.; Maxted, P.; Kolb, U.; Boyle, B.; Croom, S.; Loaring, N.; Miller, L.; Outram, P.; Shanks, T.; Smith, R.
261 Session IV: Binary evolution II. Discussion summary 261 Kolb, U.
261 The minimum period problem in CVs 271 Barker, J.; Kolb, U.
261 BiSEPS: A new binary population synthesis code 303 Willems, B.; Mundin, R. P.; Kolb, U.
328 The Orbital Period Distribution of Wide Binary Millisecond Pulsars 255 Willems, B.; Kolb, U.
330 Thermal-timescale Mass Transfer and Evolved Donor Stars in CVs 17 Kolb, U.; Willems, B.
447 Is the Common Envelope Ejection Efficiency a Function of the Binary Parameters? 115 Davis, P. J.; Kolb, U.; Knigge, C..