Kolka, I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
204 Observations of the Structure of LBV-Winds 29 Kolka, I.
204 Long-term Spectral and Photometric Variability of P Cygni 111 Markova, N.; Morrison, N.; Kolka, I.; de Groot, M.
214 X Per in 1996 - 1999: the Variability of Hydrogen and Helium Lines 593 Kolka, I.; Eenmäe, T.; Puss, A.; Leedjäru, L.
233 Variable P Cygni: from UV to radio 83 Kolka, I.
363 Photometry of V838 Mon and its Light Echo 174 Liimets, T.; Kolka, I.; Kipper, T.
363 Spectral Variability and Binary Nature of V838 Mon 235 Kolka, I.; Kipper, T.
490 A Dynamical Study of the Nova Remnant of GK Persei 109 Liimets, T.; Corradi, R. L. M.; Santander–García, M.; Villaver, E.; Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Verro, K.; Kolka, I.
508 Similarities in the Structure of the Circumstellar Environments of B[e] Supergiants and Yellow Hypergiants 239 Aret, A.; Kolka, I.; Kraus, M.; Maravelias, G.
508 A New Outburst of the Yellow Hypergiant Star ρ Cas 357 Aret, A.; Kraus, M.; Kolka, I.; Maravelias, G.
510 The Yellow Hypergiant – B[e] Supergiant Connection 162 Aret, A.; Kraus, M.; Kolka, I.; Maravelias, G.