Kurtz, Michael J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 XCSAO: A Radial Velocity Package for the IRAF Environment 432 Kurtz, Michael J.; Mink, Douglas J.; Wyatt, William F.; Fabricant, Daniel G.; Torres, Guillermo; Kriss, Gerard A.; Tonry, John L.
125 The Sociology of Astronomical Publication Using ADS and ADAMS 361 Schulman, Eric; French, James C.; Powell, Allison L.; Murray, Stephen S.; Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.
153 The Astrophysics Data System 277 Eichhorn, Guenther; Accomazzi, Alberto; Kurtz, Michael J.; Grant, Carolyn S.
153 The Historical Literature of Astronomy, via ADS 293 Kurtz, Michael J.; Eichhorn, Guenther
154 On the Ubiquity of Polluted Dwarfs 932 Green, Paul J.; Kurtz, Michael J.
172 Co-occurrence Evidence for Subject Vocabulary Reconciliation in ADS Databases 287 Lee, Jonghoon; Dubin, David S.; Kurtz, Michael J.
172 The ADS Bibliographic Reference Resolver 291 Accomazzi, Alberto; Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.; Grant, Carolyn S.; Murray, Stephen S.
281 From Urania to the Astronomical Virtual Observatory (AVO) 441 Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.