Kwok, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
45 Circumstellar Properties of High Galactic Latitude Supergiants 348 Kwok, S.
138 The last one million years of stellar evolution 169 Kwok, S.
138 Numerical study of interacting winds model using smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) 191 Li, P. S.; Thronson, H. A.; Kwok, S.
177 Mining the IRAS Database for Proto-Planetary Nebulae 369 Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Kwok, S.; Volk, K.
303 Symbiotic Stars and Planetary Nebulae 428 Kwok, S.
303 A Mirror-Symmetric Jet in the Bipolar Nebulae M 2-9 437 Lim, J.; Kwok, S.
313 Radio Cores of Bipolar Nebulae: Search for Collimated Winds 194 Lee, T.-H.; Lim, J.; Kwok, S.
313 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of H2 in Proto-Planetary Nebulae 343 Kelly, D.M.; Hrivnak, B.J.; Kwok, S.; Hinkle, K.H.
313 From ASPN1 to ASPN3 580 Kwok, S.
451 Synthesis of Organic Matter by Stars and its Effect on the Origin of Life on Earth 3 Kwok, S.