Milliard, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
164 The Galaxy Evolution Explorer 182 Martin, C. D.; Bianchi, L.; Donas, J.; Heckman, T.; Madore, B.; Malina, R.; Milliard, B.; Friedman, P.; Rich, M.; Schiminovich, D.; Siegmund, O.; Szalay, A.
164 The GALEX Science Data Archive: the Ultraviolet Digital Sky 194 Bianchi, L.; Szalay, A.; Heckman, T.; Martin, C.; Friedman, P.; Schiminovich, D.; Madore, B.; Milliard, B.; Malina, R.; Rich, M.
379 Clustering Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies from the VVDS/GALEX Survey 318 Meneux, B.; Heinis, S.; Le Fevre, O.; Milliard, B.; Guzzo, L.; Arnouts, S.; Pollo, A.; the VVDS/GALEX team
380 Star Formation in Galaxies vs Galaxy Environment from the Joint GALEX - CFHTLS - VVDS - SWIRE Data 537 Pollo, A.; Arnouts, S.; Heinis, S.; Milliard, B.; the GALEX team; the VVDS team
394 Photometry in Near and Far UV from GALEX Deep Surveys Using Optical Priors: Limits and Performances 589 Llebaria, A.; Magnelli, B.; Pollo, A.; Milliard, B.; Guillaume, M.; Arnouts, S.
442 EMphot — Photometric Software with Bayesian Priors: Application to GALEX 107 Conseil, S.; Vibert, D.; Amouts, S.; Milliard, B.; Zamojski, M.; Liebaria, A.; Guillaume, M.