Narron, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
238 The Basic Calibrated Data Processing Pipeline for SIRTF IRS 337 Fang, F.; Narron, R.; Waterson, C.; Li, J.; Moshir, M. M.
347 The SIP Convention for Representing Distortion in FITS Image Headers 491 Shupe, D.L.; Moshir, M.; Li, J.; Makovoz, D.; Narron, R.; Hook, R.N.
376 Optimal Point-Source Extraction for Spitzer IRS Spectra 437 Narron, R.; Ogle, P.; Laher, R.R.
394 Spitzer IRS Pipelines for General Users 569 Narron, R.; Fajardo-Acosta, S.; Ardila, D.; Laher, R.R.