Negueruela, I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
214 The Spectral Distribution of Be/X-ray Transients Implies Supernova Kicks 709 Negueruela, I.
214 The X-ray Outbursts of Be/X-ray Transients 713 Negueruela, I.; Okazaki, A. T.
214 Global One-armed Oscillations in the Be/X-ray Binary LS I+61° 235/RX J0146.9+6121 719 Reig, P.; Negueruela, I.; Coe, M. J.; Fabregat, J.; Tarasov, A. E.
234 Origin of the X-ray Activity of Be/X-ray Binaries 281 Okazaki, A. T.; Negueruela, I.
261 UBV RI pulsations and orbital modulation of the intermediate polar 1WGA J1958.2+3232 161 Norton, A. J.; Quaintrell, H.; Negueruela, I.
267 Massive Pre-Main Sequence Stars in the Young Open Cluster NGC 1893 389 Marco, A.; Negueruela, I.; Steele, I. A.
315 Unveiling the Nature of the 321s Orbital Period X–ray Source RXJ0806.3+1527 338 Israel, G.L.; Stella, L.; Covino, S.; Campana, S.; Marconi, G.; Mauche, C.W.; Mereghetti, S.; Negueruela, I.
361 X-ray and Optical Properties of New γ Cas-Like Objects Discovered in X-ray Surveys 117 Motch, C.; Lopes de Oliveira, R.; Negueruela, I.; Haberl, F.; Janot-Pacheco, E.
361 Multiplicity, Activity and Fast Rotation in Early-Type Stars (Invited Review) 376 Negueruela, I.
361 Blue Stragglers, Be Stars and X-ray Binaries in Open Clusters 388 Marco, A.; Negueruela, I.; Motch, C.
361 Discussion Session 5: Evolutionary Effects and Binarity in Active OB-Stars 409 Negueruela, I.
361 A Spectroscopic Survey of NGC 7419 472 Negueruela, I.; Marco, A.; Motch, C.; Herrero, A.
361 Circumstellar Envelopes in Be/X-ray Binaries 503 Torrejon, J.M.; Negueruela, I.; Riquelme, M.S.
367 Be/X-ray Binaries: An Observational Approach 477 Negueruela, I.
367 Blue Stragglers in Young Open Clusters 645 Marco, A.; Negueruela, I.; Motch, C.
388 The Wolf-Rayet Population of Westerlund 1 169 Hadfield, L.J.; Crowther, P.A.; Negueruela, I.; Clark, J.S.; Vacca, W.D.
422 Stellar Wind Accretion in High-Mass X-Ray Binaries 57 Negueruela, I.
422 The X-Ray Behavior of Supergiant Fast X-Ray Transients: An INTEGRAL View 253 Martínez-Núñez, S.; Negueruela, I.; Torrejón, J. M.; Blay, P.; Smith, D. M.
422 HD 306414, the Optical Counterpart to the Peculiar X-Ray Transient IGR J11215-5952 259 Lorenzo, J.; Negueruela, I.; Norton, A. J.
435 HD 306414: Optical Counterpart to the Peculiar X-ray Transient IGR J11215-5952 407 Negueruela, I.; Lorenzo, J.; Herrero, A.; Norton, A. J.
435 HD 64315: A Likely Double Spectroscopic Binary 409 Lorenzo, J.; Simón-Díaz, S.; Negueruela, I.; Vilardell, F.
507 Exploring the Obscured Milky Way with Multi-Object Spectroscopy 75 Negueruela, I.; Clark, J. S.; Dorda, R.; González-Fernández, C.; Marco, A.; Monguió, M.
507 Surveying Massive Star Formation in the Inner Galaxy 165 Dorda, R.; Negueruela, I.; González-Fernández, C.; Marco, A.
507 A New Survey for Red Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds 175 González-Fernández, C.; Negueruela, I.; Dorda, R.