Neilson, H. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
445 Using Limb-Darkening to Measure the Masses of Red Giants 165 Neilson, H. R.; Lester, J. B.
448 Convective Core Overshoot and Mass Loss in Classical Cepheids: A Solution to the Mass Discrepancy? 155 Neilson, H. R.; Cantiello, M.; Langer, N.
451 Weighing Betelgeuse: Measuring the Mass of α Orionis from Stellar Limb-darkening 117 Neilson, H. R.; Lester, J. B.; Haubois, X.
451 Stellar Evolution with Pulsation-Driven Mass Loss: The Case of LMC Cepheids 327 Neilson, H. R.; Langer, N.; Cantiello, M.