Nordstrom, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
74 The Current State of Target Selection for NASA's High Resolution Microwave Survey 207 Henry, T.; Soderblom, D.; Baliunas, S.; Davis, R.; Donahue, R.; Latham, D.; Stefanik, R.; Torres, G.; Duquennoy, A.; Mayor, M.; Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.; Olsen, E.
90 Primordial Binaries in the Globular Cluster ω Centauri 190 Mayor, M.; Duquennoy, A.; Udry, S.; Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.
112 The Inventory of Nearby F and G Dwarfs 145 Nordstrom, B.; Olsen, E. H.; Andersen, J.; Mayor, M.; Pont, F.
154 A Survey for Spectroscopic Binaries in a Large Sample of G Dwarfs 2148 Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Latham, D. W.; Stefanik, R. P.; Torres, G.; Mazeh, T.; Goldberg, D.; Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.
198 Dynamical evolution of intermediate-age and old clusters 171 Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.
336 The Solar Neighborhood in Four Dimensions 305 Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.; Mayor, M.