O'Toole, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
287 Age Spreads and Composite Spectra 133 Littlefair, S. P.; Naylor, T.; Retter, A.; O'Toole, S.
452 Orbits of Hot Subdwarf Binaries in the Kepler Field 147 Telting, J.; Ostensen, R.; Oreiro, R.; Reed, M.; Farris, L.; O'Toole, S.; Aerts, C.
452 Binary Properties of Subdwarfs Selected in the GALEX Survey 121 Kawka, A.; Pigulski, A.; O'Toole, S.; Vennes, S.; Németh, P.; Williams, A.; Iliev, L.; Kołaczkowski, Z.; Stȩślicki, M.
481 MUCHFUSS: Status and Highlights 243 Geier, S.; Kupfer, T.; Barlow, B; Schaffenroth, V.; Fürst, F.; Heuser, C.; Ziegerer, E.; Heber, U.; Marsh, T.; Maxted, P.; Østensen, R.; O'Toole, S.; Gänsicke, B.; Napiwotzki, R.
512 FIDIA: A Format Independent Data Interface for Astronomy 613 Green, A. W.; Mannering, E.; Harischandra, L.; O'Toole, S.
523 Bringing Together the Australian Sky - Coordination and Interoperability Challenges of the All-Sky Virtual Observatory 413 O'Toole, S.; Sealey, K.
532 Orchestration of Dockerized Data Reduction Pipelines from a
RESTful Web Service
265 Miszalski, B.; O'Toole, S.; Tocknell, J.; Harischandra, L.; Mannering, E.; Sealey, K.