O'Toole, S.J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
310 Multisite Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of the Pulsating sdB Star PG 1605+072 230 O'Toole, S.J.; Falter, S.; Heber, U.; Jeffery, C.S.; Dreizler, S.; Schuh, S.L.; MSST Team, the; WET Teams, the
310 HST/STIS Observations of sdBV Stars: Testing Diffusion and Pulsation Theory 234 O'Toole, S.J.; Heber, U.; Chayer, P.; Fontaine, G.; O'Donoghue, D.; Charpinet, S.
334 Discovery of Magnetic Fields in CPNs 257 Jordan, S.; Werner, K.; O'Toole, S.J.
334 Discovery of Magnetic Fields in Hot Subdwarfs 261 O'Toole, S.J.; Jordan, S.; Friedrich, S.; Heber, U.
334 Metal Abundances in sdBs from UV Spectroscopy 315 O'Toole, S.J.
334 Discovery of a Long-Period Photometric Variation in the V361 Hya Star HS 0702+6043 530 Schuh, S.; Huber, J.; Green, E.M.; O'Toole, S.J.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.; Fontaine, G.
372 Hot Subluminous O Stars from the SDSS 125 Hirsch, H.A.; Heber, U.; O'Toole, S.J.
372 Abundances of Heavy Metals and Lead Isotopic Ratios in Subluminous B Stars 209 O'Toole, S.J.; Heber, U.
372 Time Resolved Spectroscopy of the Multi-Periodic Pulsating Subdwarf B Star PG1605+072 611 Tillich, A.; Heber, U.; O'Toole, S.J.
392 Helium and the Hot Horizontal Branch 67 O'Toole, S.J.