Oey, M.S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
331 Testing Photoionization Models in the Large Magellanic Cloud and M33 225 Voges, E.S.; Walterbos, R.A.M.; Hoopes, C.G.; Oey, M.S.
353 The Lowest Metallicities: What Do They Tell Us? 253 Oey, M.S.
374 The Nature of the Metal-Rich Thick Disk 181 Bensby, T.; Zenn, A.R.; Oey, M.S.; Feltzing, S.
506 Discovery of the Earliest-Type Oe Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud 223 Golden-Marx, J. B.; Oey, M.S.; Lamb, J. B.; Graus, A. S.