Ohnaka, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
78 Opacities of Very Cool and Dense Gaseous Mixtures - an Extension of Stellar Opacities to the Substellar Regime 69 Tsuji, T.; Ohnaka, K.
124 Model atmospheres of late-type stars: New possibilities with the new space data 91 Tsuji, T.; Ohnaka, K.; Aoki, W.
355 The Vicinity of the Galactic Supergiant B[e] Star CPD-57°2874 from Near and Mid-IR Long Baseline Spectro-Interferometry with the VLTI (AMBER and MIDI) 155 Domiciano de Souza, A.; Driebe, T.; Chesneau, O.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Kraus, S.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Ohnaka, K.; Petrov, R.G.; Preibisch, Th.; Stee, Ph.; Weigelt, G.
373 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling of Clumpy Dust Tori Around AGN 487 Hoenig, S.F.; Beckert, T.; Ohnaka, K.; Weigelt, G.
378 Polychromatic Interferometry of Mira Variables 262 Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D.A.; Driebe, T.; Ohnaka, K.
378 Mid-Infrared Long-Baseline Interferometry of the Symbiotic Mira Star RX Pup with the VLTI/MIDI Instrument 291 Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Ohnaka, K.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.
378 Near-Infrared Speckle Imaging and AO Polarimetry of the Bipolar Proto-Planetary Nebula Frosty Leo 321 Murakawa, K.; Ohnaka, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Schertl, D.; Oya, S.; Weigelt, G.
378 VLTI/MIDI Observation of the Silicate Carbon Star IRAS 080023803: Dusty Environment Spatially Resolved for the First Time 327 Ohnaka, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Preibisch, Th.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.; Wittkowski, M.
387 The Innermost Circumstellar Environment of Massive Young Stellar Objects Revealed by Infrared Interferometry 140 Preibisch, T.; Kraus, S.; Ohnaka, K.
445 The Extended Atmospheres of Mira Variables Probed by VLTI, VLBA, and APEX 107 Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D. A.; de Breuck, C.; Gray, M.; Humphreys, E.; Ireland, M.; Karovicova, I.; Ohnaka, K.; Ruiz-Velasco, A. E.; Scholz, M.; Whitelock, P.; Zijlstra, A.
445 High-Spatial- and High-Spectral-Resolution Observations of the Inhomogeneous Outer Atmosphere of the M Giant BK Vir 113 Ohnaka, K.
445 Multi-Epoch Mid-Infrared Interferometric Observations of the Oxygen-rich Mira Variable Star RR Aql with the VLTI/MIDI Instrument 269 Karovicova, I.; Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D. A.; Fossat, E.; Ohnaka, K.; Scholz, M.
449 Near-Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of Bipolar Proto-planetary Nebulae 327 Murakawa, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.; Meixner, M.; Ohnaka, K.; Oya, S.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.; Ueta, T.
487 1-D Imaging of the Dynamical Atmosphere of the Red Supergiant Betelgeuse in the CO First Overtone Lines with VLTI/AMBER 171 Ohnaka, K.
497 Imaging the Complex Atmospheres of Cool Evolved Stars 57 Ohnaka, K.
497 Interferometric Constraints on Molecule and Dust Formation in Oxygen-rich Mira stars 327 Wittkowski, M.; Karovicova, I.; Scholz, M.; Ohnaka, K.; Boboltz, D. A.