Owen, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
51 Correlative Studies of X-Ray and Radio Emission in Abell Clusters of Galaxies 414 Rhee, G.; Burns, J.; Owen, F.
51 Radio Properties of Optically Selected Quasars - VLA Observations of 23 Intermediate Redshift Quasars 589 La Franca, F.; Gregorini, L.; Cristiani, S.; De Ruiter, H.; Owen, F.
195 Submm Continuum Surveys for Obscured Galaxies (Review) 248 Smail, I.; Ivison, R.; Blain, A.; Kneib, J. P.; Owen, F.
240 Radio Evidence for Evolution of Galaxies in Rich Clusters 607 Owen, F.; Morrison, G.; Dwarakanath, K. S.; Ledlow, M.; Miller, N. A.
240 A Search for Dust-Enshrouded Star Formation in E+A Galaxies 632 Miller, N. A.; Owen, F.
357 The 24μm Luminosity Function of spectroscopic SWIRE sources from the Lockman Validation Field 275 Onyett, N.; Oliver, S.; Morrison, G.; Owen, F.; Pozzi, F.; Carson, D.; the SWIRE Team
381 The GOODS-North Radio Galaxies: On the Origin of the Radio Emission 376 Morrison, G.; Dickinson, M.; Owen, F.; Daddi, E.; Chary, R.; Bauer, F.; Mobasher, B.; MacDonald, E.; Koekemoer, A.; Pope, A.
381 Compton-Thick AGN in the SWIRE/Chandra Survey 434 Polletta, M.; Wilkes, B.J.; Siana, B.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Kilgard, R.; Shupe, D.L.; Surace, J.; Smith, H.E.; Kim, D.-W.; Owen, F.
402 Multi-frequency Imaging Algorithms and Simulation of Space VLBI Using the VLA 444 Likhachev, S.; Kogan, L.; Fomalont, E.; Owen, F.
407 Radio Emission and Properties of Spitzer Selected Starbursts at z ~ 2 142 Omont, A.; Fiolet, N.; Polletta, M.; Owen, F.; Lonsdale, C.; Berta, S.; the SWIMAMBO Collaboration