Qiu, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
236 The Big Bear Solar Observatory's Digital Vector Magnetograph 65 Spirock, T.; Denker, C.; Chen, H.; Chae, J.; Qiu, J.; Varsik, J.; Wang, H.; Goode, P. R.; Marquette, W.
236 Magnetic Evolution and Solar Activity of Active Region NOAA 8765 321 Deng, Y.; Yan, Y.; Qiu, J.
286 Comparison of Facular Contrast in the Visible and Near-Infrared 201 Xu, Y.; Wang, H.; Denker, C.; Yang, G.; Spirock, T. J.; Qiu, J.
415 Direct Observation of High-Speed Reconnection Outflows With SOHO/SUMER, TRACE and RHESSI 447 Wang, T. J.; Sui, L.; Qiu, J.
484 Characteristics of Magnetic Flux Ropes from the Sun to the Heliosphere 78 Hu, Q.; Qiu, J.; Zheng, J.