Read, M.A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
232 New Science Results from the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey. 35 Hambly, N. C.; Brown, M.L.; Smith, R.E.; Read, M.A.; Taylor, A.N.
347 The WFCAM Science Archive and Other WFAU Work 669 Read, M.A.; Hamby, N.C.; Sutorius, E.T.W.; Mann, R.G.; Bond, I.A.; Williams, P.M.
411 Automated Data Deleases for the WFCAM Science Archive 226 Collins, R.S.; Cross, N.J.; Sutorius, E.T.W.; Read, M.A.; Hambly, N.C.
411 All-sky Multi-colour, Multi-epoch SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey Images Now Available in the VO Through SIAP 381 Hambly, N.C.; Read, M.A.; Holliman, M.S.; Cross, N.J.G.; Collins, R.S.; Mann, R.G.