Reinfeld, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
389 The Black Hole Experiment Gallery 79 Gould, R.; Dussault, M.; Griswold, A.; Reinfeld, E.; Steel, S.
389 Lessons Learned Beyond the Solar System 375 Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.; Gould, R.
400 Discover the Universe with NASA during the International Year of Astronomy: A Workshop for Astronomy Educators 396 Dussault, M.; Smith, D.; Allen, J.; Backman, D.; Bartolone, L.; Bobrowsky, M.; Gould, A.; Mendez, B.; Lochner, J.; Mayo, L.; McLin, K.; Reinfeld, E.; Shupla, C.; Summers, F.; Thiemann, J.; Devore, E.
431 Afterschool Astronomy from the Basement to the Roof Top! 279 Porro, I.; Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.
431 Observing With NASA: Using Online Telescopes to Expand the Pipeline of Astronomy Learners 351 Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.; Sienkiewizcz, F.; Deutsch, F.; Fruchtman, S.; Gould, R.; Smith, D. A.; Eisenhammer, B.
431 Kids Capture Their Universe: An Afterschool Bridge from Science Content to Youth Development 443 Hartman, M.; Porro, I.; Reinfeld, E.; Dussault, M.