Unwin, S. C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
105 Giant Micropulses from PSR J0437-4715 211 Anderson, S. B.; Jenet, F. A.; Kaspi, V. M.; Prince, T. A.; Sandhu, J. S.; Unwin, S. C.; Navarro, J.
110 Misalignments between the Parsec-scale and Kiloparsec-scale Emission of Radio Sources 285 Wehrle, A. E.; Unwin, S. C.; Aller, H. D.; Aller, M. F.; Nicolson, G.
110 Variability in the X-ray Flux of Quasar 3C345: Inverse-Compton Emission from the Parsec-scale Jet? 317 Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Zensus, J. A.; Lobanov, A. P.
110 VLBI Imaging and Multiwavelength Variability of 3C279 430 Wehrle, A. E.; Unwin, S. C.; Zook, A. C.; Urry, C. M.; Marscher, A. P.; Teräsranta, H.
144 Markarian 421: TeV Gamma-ray Flares and VLBI Structure 45 Edwards, P. G.; Moellenbrock, G. A.; Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Weekes, T. C.
144 Superluminal Motion in the Gamma-Ray Blazar 3C 279 69 Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Xu, W.; Zook, A. C.; Marscher, A. P.
164 The Space Interferometry Mission 215 Unwin, S. C.; Turyshev, S. G.
430 Exoplanets Forum 2008 21 Traub, W. A.; Lawson, P. R.; Unwin, S. C.; Muterspaugh, M. W.; Soummer, R.; Danchi, W. C.; Hinz, P.; Gaudi, B. S.; Torres, G.; Deming, D.; Lazio, J.; Dressler, A.
430 Infrared Detection and Characterization of Debris Disks, Exozodiacal Dust, and Exoplanets: The FKSI Mission Concept 188 Danchi, W. C.; Barry, R. K.; Lopez, B.; Rinehart, S. A.; Absil, O.; Augereau, J.; Beust, H.; Bonfils, X.; Bordé, P.; Defrère, D.; Kern, P.; Lawson, P. R.; Léger, A.; Monin, J.; Mourard, D.; Ollivier, M.; Petrov, R.; Traub, W. A.; Unwin, S. C.; Vakili, F.