Uttley, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
290 Observing NGC 4051 in the Low State with Chandra 95 Fruscione, A.; Siemiginowska, A.; Uttley, P.; McHardy, I.; Lamer, G.
290 X-ray Variability of NGC 4051 AGN with RXTE and XMM 111 McHardy, I.; Uttley, P.; Mason, K.; Page, M.
290 X-ray Spectral Variability of AGN with RXTE and XMM 113 McHardy, I.; Uttley, P.; Lamer, G.; Mason, K.; Page, M.
290 Non-linear variability and low-states in AGN: two sides of the same coin 131 Uttley, P.; McHardy, I.; Vaughan, S.
290 Partly cloudy skies in NGC 3227: catching an absorption event with RXTE and XMM-Newton 257 Uttley, P.; McHardy, I. M.; Lamer, G.
350 Blazars and the Emerging AGN/Black Hole X-ray Binary Paradigm 98 Uttley, P.
360 The AGN/X-Ray Binary Connection 85 McHardy, I.; Uttley, P.; Taylor, R.; Papadakis, I.
360 The Relationship Between Optical and X-ray Variability in Seyfert Galaxies 101 Uttley, P.
373 X-ray Variability of Radio-quiet AGN 149 Uttley, P.
427 Birth and Evolution of Radio Galaxies 337 Kapińska, A. D.; Uttley, P.; Kaiser, C. R.