Vacca, W. D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
192 On WR Stars as Age Indicators in Star Forming Regions 73 Schmutz, W.; Vacca, W. D.
193 High-Redshift Galaxies in the NICMOS Parallel Fields 250 Corbin, M. R.; Thompson, R. I.; O'Neil, E.; Vacca, W. D.
423 Tidal Tails in Interacting Galaxies: Formation of Compact Stellar Structures 129 Mullan, B.; Charlton, J. C.; Konstantopoulos, I. S.; Bastian, N.; Chandar, R.; Durrell, P. R.; Elmegreen, D.; English, J.; Gallagher, S. C.; Gronwall, C.; Hibbard, J. E.; Hunsberger, S.; Johnson, K. E.; Kepley, A.; Knierman, K.; Koribalski, B.; Lee, K. H.; Maybhate, A.; Palma, C.; Vacca, W. D.
475 Overview of the SOFIA Data Cycle System: An Integrated Set of Tools and Services for the SOFIA General Investigator 275 Shuping, R. Y.; Vacca, W. D.; Lin, L.; Sun, L.; Krzaczek, R.
495 Overview of the SOFIA Data Processing System: A Generalized System for Manual and Automatic Data Processing at the SOFIA Science Center 351 Shuping, R. Y.; Krzaczek, R.; Vacca, W. D.; Charcos-Llorens, M.; Reach, W. T.; Alles, R.; Clarke, M.; Melchiorri, R.; Radomski, J.; Shenoy, S.; Sandel, D.; Omelian, E. B.
495 Redux: A Common Interface for SOFIA Data Reduction Pipelines 355 Clarke, M.; Vacca, W. D.; Shuping, R. Y.