Vanden Berk, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
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290 Probing the Evolution of AGN 611 Hoyle, F.; Vogeley, M.; vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Fan, X.
311 Optical/UV Quasar Continuum Variability: Time Lag, Luminosity, Wavelength, Redshift, Radio, X-Ray, and BAL Dependence 385 Wilhite, B.; Vanden Berk, D.; Kron, R.
311 Probing the Evolution of AGN 463 Hoyle, F.; Vogeley, M.; Vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Fan, X.
357 Optical-IR SEDs of SDSS Quasars in the Spitzer First Look Survey 261 Richards, G.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.; Fan, X.; Papovich, C.; Gallagher, S.; Hall, P.; Hines, D.; Anderson, S.; Jester, S.; Schneider, D.; Vanden Berk, D.; Strauss, M.; York, D.