Vanderriest, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
37 Integral Field spectrography with Optical Fibres at C.F.H. 338 Vanderriest, C.
71 Integral Field Spectroscopy with Optical Fibres 209 Vanderriest, C.
71 Field Spectroscopy by Optical Fibres: Development of the ALBIREO Spectrograph 223 Herpe, G.; Sanchez, J.; Vanderriest, C.; Moles, M.
71 Integral Field Spectroscopy of Gravitational Mirages 225 Angonin-Willaime, M.-C.; Vanderriest, C.
152 Integral-Field Spectroscopy with Optical Fibers on Medium-Size (1.5-4m) Telescopes 123 Vanderriest, C.
152 ESPRIT D'ARGUS: an IRAF-based Software Package for the Treatment of ARGUS Data 206 Teyssandier, P.; Vanderriest, C.