Vastel, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
231 Large [O]/[CO] Ratios in Cold Molecular Clouds Towards W49N 283 Vastel, C.; Caux, E.; Ceccarelli, C.; Castets, A.; Gry, C.; Baluteau, J.P.
449 Simultaneous Determination of the Cosmic Ray Ionization Rate and Fractional Ionization in DR21(OH) 225 Hezareh, T.; Houde, M.; Vastel, C.; Peng, R.
522 CASSIS, a Complete Spectral VO-Tool Package 239 Caux, E.; Boiziot, M.; Bottinelli, S.; Glorian, J.; Kovac, B.; Vastel, C.
523 The OV-GSO Data Center 449 Sanguillon, M.; Glorian, J.; Vastel, C.