Vedder, P. W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 Overview of the Data Analysis System for the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Project 496 Vedder, P. W.; Dobson, C. A.; Marshall, H. L.; Marchant, W.; Saba, V.; Hopkins, A.; Olson, E.; Flanagan, J.; Hawkins, I.; Girouard, F.; Machi, F.; Lewis, J.
64 EUVE Photometry Observations of Cool Stars (Invited Review) 13 Vedder, P. W.; Brown, A.; Drake, J. J.; Patterer, R. J.; Mathioudakis, M.; Gully, S.; Pettersen, B. R.
64 EUVE Observations of Late Type Stars with Minimum Levels of Activity 38 Mathioudakis, M.; Drake, J. J.; Vedder, P. W.; Patterer, R. J.; Bowyer, S.