Vestergaard, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 Are Radio-Loud Quasars Rebellious Or Are Radio-Quiets Just Plain Untalented? 256 Vestergaard, M.; Wilkes, B. J.; Barthel, P. D.
128 On the Geometry of Associated Absorption in Radio-Loud QSOs 48 Barthel, P. D.; Tytler, D. R.; Vestergaard, M.
175 An Empirical Ultraviolet Iron Spectrum Template 297 Vestergaard, M.; Wilkes, B. J.
247 An Empirical Ultraviolet Iron Spectrum Template Applicable to Active Galaxies 359 Vestergaard, M.; Wilkes, B.
255 Narrow CIV λ1549Å Absorption Lines in Moderate-Redshift Quasars 143 Vestergaard, M.
290 Continuum and Emission Line Correlations in AGN 607 Dietrich, M.; Hamann, F.; Shields, J.; Constantin, A.; Vestergaard, M.
311 Black-Hole Mass Measurements 69 Vestergaard, M.
311 Evidence for Early or Efficient Black-Hole Growth 87 Vestergaard, M.
311 High Redshift Quasars as Probes of Early Star Formation 403 Dietrich, M.; Hamann, F.; Vestergaard, M.
460 Evidence for Broad-Line Region Outflows and Their Impact on Black Hole Mass Measurements 103 Denney, K. D.; Assef, R. J.; Horne, K.; Peterson, B. M.; Vestergaard, M.
460 Testing Disk-Wind Models with Quasar CIV 1549Å Associated Absorption Lines 226 Vestergaard, M.
499 Circumnuclear Molecular Gas Reservoirs in Mrk 590, a Seyfert Galaxy in Transition 163 Koay, J. Y.; Vestergaard, M.; Casasola, V.; Peterson, B. M.