Vibert, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
125 Synthetic Images of the Solar Corona from Octree Representation of 3-D Electron Distributions 230 Vibert, D.; Llebaria, A.; Netter, T.; Balard, L.; Lamy, P.
150 A Model of Plasma Sheets in Equilibrium 127 Koutchmy, S.; Molodensky, M.; Vibert, D.
442 EMphot — Photometric Software with Bayesian Priors: Application to GALEX 107 Conseil, S.; Vibert, D.; Amouts, S.; Milliard, B.; Zamojski, M.; Liebaria, A.; Guillaume, M.
461 The Herschel/SPIRE Spectrometer Deglitching/Clipping Tasks and Statistical Analysis 749 LeLeu, G.; Méalier, A.-L.; Benielli, D.; Baluteau, J.-P.; Surace, C.; Fulton, T. R.; Imhof, P.; Polehampton, E.; Vibert, D.
521 Ariadne: a System for Evaluation of AMAZED's Spectroscopic Redshift Estimation Efficiency 331 Borges, R. C.; Arnouts, S.; Chabaud, P.; Fauchier, F.; Gray, M.; Jamal, S.; Brun, V. L.; Févre, O. L.; Schmitt, A.; Surace, C.; Vibert, D.; Vidal, C.
521 AMAZED: Algorithm for Massive Automated Z Evaluation and Determination 398 Schmitt, A.; Arnouts, S.; Borges, R.; Chabaud, P.; Fauchier, F.; Jamal, S.; Brun, V. L.; Févre, O. L.; Surace, C.; Vibert, D.; Vidal, C.