Viotti, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
41 High Resolution Near-IR Spectroscopy of Luminous Blue Variables 133 de Faria Lopes, D.; Viotti, R.; de Freitas Pacheco, J. A.; Damineli Neto, A.; Baratta, G. B.
145 Slitless Multiobject Spectroscopy with FOSC Type Instruments 78 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.
179 Resolving X-ray Spectral Variations in η Carinae 46 Corcoran, M. F.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.; Damineli, A.; Viotti, R.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
179 Self-Absorption Curve Analysis of [Fe II] and Fe II Emission Lines of η Carinae 184 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.; Baratta, G. B.
179 Spectral Variability of η Carinae in the 20th Century 196 Damineli, A.; Viotti, R.; Stahl, A. Kaufer. O.; Wolf, B.; de Araújo, F. X.
179 Overview of 18. 3 Years of Ultraviolet IUE Observations of η Carinae 211 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.
179 BeppoSAX Observations During High and Low States of η Carinae 275 Viotti, R.; Grandi, P.; Antonelli, A.; Corcoran, M. F.; Damineli, A.
233 Variable stars, archaeoastronomy, Alcor (80 UMa) 199 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.
242 Analysis of Stellar Spectra with Enhanced Emission Lines 281 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.
242 Fe II Line Opacity and Level Population Derived from the Self-Absorption Curve Method 291 Viotti, R.
261 Wind accretion in the VV Cep system KQ Puppis 281 González-Riestra, R.; Rossi, C.; Viotti, R.
305 The Extreme Of-Supergiant HD 15570 (O4If+) 377 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.; Norci, L.; Eenens, P.; Corral, L.; Rossi, C.