Voloshina, I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
29 On the Photometric Variability of Dwarf Nova SS CYG 343 Voloshina, I.
121 Parameters Of Dwarf Nova SS Cygni 818 Voloshina, I.; Khruzina, T.
292 Study of photometric variability of selected cataclysmic variables 303 Voloshina, I.
330 A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of HR Del 437 Friedjung, M.; Bruch, A.; Voloshina, I.; Zouag, K.; Dennefeld, M.; Muratorio G.
335 Period Study of the Contact Binary AW UMa 251 Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Tsantilas, S.; Kalimeris, A.; Rovithis, P.; Djurasevic, G.; Voloshina, I.
362 UBV and CCD Observations of Two Intermediate Polars: V795 Her and GK Per 189 Voloshina, I.
370 Determination of Physical Parameters of Cataclysmic Variables from Analysis of Their Light Curves 231 Voloshina, I.; Khruzina, T.
401 Photometric Observations of RS Ophiuchi During and After the 2006 Outburst 210 Voloshina, I.; Sementsov, V.; Metlov, V.
451 The Superoutburst of SDSS J162520+120308 in July of 2010 195 Voloshina, I.; Olenick, R.; Meziere, K.; Metlov, V.; Rovny, J.
509 Light Curves Analysis of Deeply Eclipsed Dwarf Nova GY Cnc 543 Voloshina, I.; Khruzina, T.