Yamamoto, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
78 What Nebular Observations and Photoionization Models Can Tell Us About Atmospheres of Hot Stars 479 Rubin, R. H.; Kunze, D.; Yamamoto, T.
104 On the Crystalline Silicate Component of Comet Dust 497 Greenberg, J. M.; Li, A.; Yamamoto, T.; Kozasa, T.
216 Subaru Telescope ARchive System (STARS), Current Status and Future Work 157 Takata, T.; Ogasawara, R.; Kawarai, K.; Yamamoto, T.
369 Three-dimensional Filament Eruption Driven by a Emerging Flux 381 Notoya, S.; Yokoyama, T.; Kusano, K.; Sakurai, T.; Miyagoshi, T.; Isobe, H.; Yamamoto, T.
397 Three-Dimensional Structure Analysis of Coronal Magnetic Field in AR NOAA 10930 Based on Vector Magnetogram Observations with Hinode/SOT 110 Inoue, S.; Kusano, K.; Masuda, S.; Miyoshi, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Magara, T.; Tsuneta, S.; Sakurai, T.; Yokoyama, T.; the US/Japan SOT team
414 Growth and Disruption of Dust Aggregates by Collisions 347 Wada, K.; Tanaka, H.; Suyama, T.; Kimura, H.; Yamamoto, T.