Yang, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
135 Short-term Pulsations Among AO V Stars: Gamma CrB 199 Lehmann, H.; Scholz, G.; Yang, S.
214 Spectral and Light Variability of Be Star 60 Cygni 280 Koubský, P.; Harmanec, P.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Kubát, J.; Ballereau, D.; Božič, H.; Chauville, J.; Holmgren, D.; Yang, S.; Cao, H.; Eenens, P.; Huang, L.; Percy, J. R.
292 Rho Aurigae - an SB1 system with a pulsating component 149 Koubsky, P.; Sarounova, L.; Yang, S.
305 Line Profile Variations in the Be Star 6 Cephei from the August 2001 Campaign 295 Koubský, P.; Yang, S.; Floquet, M.; Hubert, A.-M.; škoda, P.; šarounová, L.; Netolický, M.
310 The Be Star Omicron Cassiopeiae 387 Koubsky, P.; Ak, H.; Harmanec, P.; Yang, S.; Bozic, H.
318 Fundamental Parameters of Intermediate and High Mass Stars 222 Bennett, P.D.; Brown, A.; Fawcett, S.M.; Yang, S.; Bauer, W.H.
361 Study of the Line-Profile Variations in the Spectrum of ζ Oph during the May/June 2004 MOST Satellite Campaign 451 Koubsky, P.; Harmanec, P.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Yang, S.; Bohlender, D.; Kambe, E.; Hashimoto, O.
370 New Observations of the Binary System v Sagittarii 207 Koubsky, P.; Harmanec, P.; Yang, S.; Korcakova, D.; Netolicky,M.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Votruba, V.
435 Probing the Models: V380 Cygni Revisited 191 Pavlovski, K.; Tamajo, E.; Koubský, P.; Southworth, J.; Yang, S.; Kolbas, V.
435 New Disk-Loss Phase of the Binary Be Star κ Dra 359 Kubát, J.; Saad, S. M.; Šlechta, M.; Yang, S.
495 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Data Archiving and Quality Control 483 He, B.; Cui, C.; Fan, D.; Li, C.; Xiao, J.; Yu, C.; Wang, C.; Cao, Z.; Chen, J.; Yi, W.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Yang, S.
512 Update of the China-VO AstroCloud 553 Cui, C.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; He, B.; Li, C.; Fan, D.; Wang, C.; Hong, Z.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Wan, W.; Cao, Z.; Wang, J.; Yin, S.; Fan, Y.; Wang, J.; Yang, S.; Ling, Y.; Zhang, H.; Chen, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
521 A Hybrid Architecture for Astronomical Computing 620 Li, C.; Cui, C.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Mi, L.; Li, S.; Yang, S.; Xu, Y.; Han, J.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Wang, C.; Cao, Z.; Fan, Y.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.; Song, W.; Du, K.
522 A Conception of Engineering Design for Remote Unattended Operation Public Observatory 21 Han, J.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Wang, C.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Li, Z.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Li, C.; Tao, Y.; Yang, S.
522 The Geographically Distributed Hybrid Cloud Computing Framework in China-VO 291 Li, C.; Cui, C.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Mi, L.; Li, S.; Yang, S.; Han, J.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
527 The Design and Implementation of the Paper Data Repository 299 Li, C.; He, B.; Cui, C.; Fan, D.; Li, S.; Tao, Y.; Xu, Y.; Han, J.; Mi, L.; He, L.; Yang, S.