Yang, Y.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
38 Observational Properties of the Secondary Components Semidetached Systems 393 Liu, Q.; Yang, Y.
138 The (C bar 64)max/(C Bar 1024)max test for time dilation in long and short gamma-ray bursts 51 Che, H.; Yang, Y.; Wu, M.
216 Application of a Kalman Filter at UKIRT 279 Yang, Y.; Rees, N. P.; Chuter, T.
373 Intra-day Optical Variability of BL Lacertae 187 Bian, F.Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Li, J.Z.; Shang, R.C.; Li, T.P.; Lou, Y.-Q.; Wang, X.F.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, S.N.; Zhou, J.F.
390 Disentangling Interacting Galaxy Pairs and Entangling Them Back 186 Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Amram, P.; Balkowski, C.; Flores, H.; Puech, M.; Yang, Y.; Rosado, M.; Hernández-Toledo, H.
390 IMAGES I. Classification of Galaxy Kinematics since z = 1 502 Yang, Y.; Flores, H.; Hammer, F.; Neichel, B.; Puech, M.; Nesvadba, N.
421 The Evolution of the Tully-Fisher Relation over the Past 6 Gyr 281 Puech, M.; Hammer, F.; Flores, H.; Rodrigues, M.; Delgado, R.; Yang, Y.
434 A VO-Driven Astronomical Data Grid in China 175 Cui, C.; He, B.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
451 Observation and Study of the Short-Period Algol-Type Binaries 39 Yang, Y.; Wei, J.
482 Near-infrared Photometric Study on HBC 722 after its Outburst 49 Park, W.-K.; Sung, H.-I.; Yang, Y.; Lee, S.-G.; Yoon, T. S.; Lee, J.-E.; Kang, W.; Park, K.-H.; Cho, D.-H.; Park, S.
495 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Cloud Computing Environments 487 Li, C.; Wang, J.; Cui, C.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Yang, Y.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Wang, C.; Cao, Z.; Fan, Y.; Hong, Z.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Wan, W.; Wang, J.; Yin, S.
498 Modeling the Global Distribution of Plasma Parameters on Coronal Source Surface for Different Solar Phases Using 1AU Observations 168 Yang, Y.; Shen, F.; Feng, X.
502 The Investigation of Neutron Star Spin Period Evolution: Crab Pulsar and Magnetar 25 Zhang, C.; Zhang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Pan, Y.; Wang, D.; Yang, Y.